Day 1: Who is this for?

My daughter the writer

Bridget Vogel Gregory

Today marks the beginning of the final month of my twenties. As this milestone year approaches, I’ve sadly missed out on the bliss of my last year as a twenty-something because I already felt like I’d already begun my decent in life. It’s silly, and pretty stupid, actually. Too many people in their thirties and beyond told me that this is the start of the best years of my life. Dear Lord, I’m believing it to be so.

I looked back over the list of things I wanted to accomplish before I hit thirty. Of the 19 proclamations on my list, I managed accomplishing 2 of them…and the one I never thought would happen: getting married. After writing The Process, Not the End, I had to keep reminding myself that success is truly fleeting. My definition of personal achievement cannot be about how many countries I’d traveled to, how…

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