Bio: I am a wife and mother. Follower of YHVH. Seeker of truth.

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  1. Shalom Dorothy
    Wow, am I relieved. I read the article on clothing and identity and it is so great. Since we were told a story of a rainbow colored coat and jealous brothers I am relieved to hear a truthful, identifiable version. This is such an insightful article. It’s been that way since I have been in the Messianic movement. The 1st messianic rabbi I heard over 20 years ago turned on my light to search thru Hebrew eyes and my understanding became much more clear. Thank you Barbara

    I have family who are attending the national Shabbat in Jasper, Georgia, today, and they told me there is a gathering in South Carolina, but they don’t have the details.

    I live in Spartanburg and was wondering if you could help me locate a gathering in South Carolina?

    Thank you!!

    Melanee Lisa Davidson

    • Shalom Melanee! Here is the info:
      The date has been set, March 19, 2016
      The time is 1:00pm to 6:00pm
      Location is the Blackville Community Center
      Address: 19464 Solomon Blatt Ave, Blackville, SC 29817

      The building is a former gymnasium and is large enough for tables, chairs, and dancing! There is an outdoor park-like area off the side door with a lovely gazebo and stationary picnic tables. Plenty of parking is available as well. A kitchen is included with a refrigerator and many outlets for those who wish to bring crock pots. Since we are not planning to eat until 4pm, please prepare accordingly!

      What to Bring?
      A heart to worship YHVH
      A covered dish and serving utensil
      A comfortable chair if you don’t want to use the metal ones provided
      An offering to bless the worship team and off-set rental costs

      Tentative agenda for the day (subject to change as the Ruach leads)
      1-2pm Fellowship
      2-3pm Praise & Worship
      3-4pm Prayer, B’ney Yoseph North America Summit Update, Scripture Declarations
      4-5pm Meal & Fellowship
      5-6pm Praise & Worship, Closing Prayers
      6pm – ? Volunteers to help clean up!

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