Leak in the Ceiling

The first week of January brought a severe cold snap and snow to the Charleston area. Most people here are not prepared for snow removal, ice build up and the possibility of pipes breaking due to freezing then thawing. For most of this week my husband has been repairing and insulating some broken pipes at the property we manage.

As my husband was sharing with me that one of the pipes he found cracked was under the master bath sink, hidden in the wall, I was reminded of something I had written a few years back. I came across the paper today while searching for something else.

Leak in the Ceiling

March 4, 2006

This morning I woke up at 7am with these thoughts in my head. I felt God wanted me to write them down.

Tuesday morning, February 28th  When I came home from work, Mary (my roommate) told me she found some of her rugs on the floor in her bathroom wet. She said they smelled musty and thought maybe the cat may have urinated on them. I told her that wasn’t likely, but to let me know if it happened again.

Thursday morning, March 2nd  Mary and I were both up early to get ready for work. She said she found wet rugs again in her bathroom and put them in the laundry room on the floor. When I picked up one of the rugs, liquid just poured out of it on the floor. We looked in her bathroom around the floor by the sink, tub, and toilet to see if there was water leaking from anywhere. We didn’t find a leak. Then we looked in the laundry room, which is right next to her bathroom. The laundry room floor had some water, but we thought it was from the rugs she had put there. I noticed a small “bubble” in the wall next to the washing machine that appeared to have water in it. I told Mary I would call the landlord when I got to work.

Thursday evening, March 2nd  I had a very busy day at work and forgot to call the landlord. I arrived at home around 9pm, put away my groceries and went to the laundry room to get cat food to feed the cat. I found water on the floor, on top of the dryer, and leaking from the light fixture in the ceiling. This was not good! I grabbed a few towels to wipe up the floor and a bucket to try and collect the water dripping from the light fixture. I also noticed two large “bubbles” in the same area I had earlier in the morning. It was late so I decided to call the landlord in the morning.

Friday morning, March 3rd  I called the landlord as soon as I got to work and explained the problem. They told me they would call someone and have them meet me at the house. I met Rick the plumber at 11am at my house and showed him the leak and water bubbles in the wall. The gallon bucket was now 1/2 full of water leaking from the light fixture. I explained to him that I tried to investigate where the water was coming from the night before. My bathroom is directly over the laundry room and I checked around the tub, toilet and sink, but did not find any leaks. After examination, Rick determined that the water in the laundry room was not coming from my bathroom upstairs.

We went back downstairs to the laundry room and Rick decided to cut the ceiling around the light fixture to determine where the water was coming from. When he pulled out the small 12″x12″ section of drywall, water came flowing out. He removed the glass enclosure from the light fixture and it was full of water. Rick cut out another section of the ceiling and this also had water flow out. As he looked through the two holes, he could see where the pipes were. The area over the light fixture is where the upstairs tub is located and he did not see any leaking from those pipes. He put his hand in the hole he just cut to feel for wet areas. He cut another hole in the ceiling and less water came out. He determined the water was not coming from the bathroom upstairs, but was mystified as to where the leak was.

I went upstairs and sat on the front porch and prayed that God would give him wisdom in locating the leak. Rick came upstairs to where I was in the kitchen and noticed some Joyce Meyer CD’s on the table. He asked me if they were Christian tapes and I said yes. He told me he believed in God and he could probably use some of what was on those tapes. He then shared his frustration about not being able to locate where the water was coming from. I told him I had just been outside praying and asked the Lord to give him wisdom where to find the leak. He decided to go back downstairs and try one more time. Within minutes I heard him yell, “I found it! You must have been praying!”

The leak was in a pipe in the corner closest to the outside wall. Rick determined that in the last cold spell we had it must have frozen. With the warm weather recently the pipe must have begun to thaw and then burst in a small area. The water was just spraying out of the pipe! He easily fixed the problem and was on his way. The holes in the drywall will be fixed in a week or so after the drywall has had time to air out and dry.

I woke up this morning thinking about the events of the past few days and some interesting parallels.


  • water on the floor
  • water dripping from the ceiling
  • bubbles of water in the wall

The areas the water was in were nowhere near where the actual leak was.

How many times do we look at the “symptoms” of something and try to fix it based on what we “see” or how it appears?

When I first began to investigate the leak, I thought the water was coming from a leak in the upstairs bathroom. Reason? The bathroom is above the laundry room. Water flows down, not up, so logically it had to be coming from somewhere above. Results? After investigation we found the water leak was NOT from the upstairs bathroom.

How many times do we have people in our lives who tell us the “symptoms” of a problem, but the symptoms don’t give us the whole picture. We have to investigate further to see if the “symptoms” are a result of something deeper.


  • cut holes in ceiling
  • look into holes
  • feel around holes

The plumber cut 3 holes in the ceiling and pulled out the drywall to try to determine where the leak was coming from.

Sometimes we have to “cut holes” into someone’s heart to see where the real problem is. How does this happen? By building relationships and trust with them.

The plumber had a flashlight that illuminated the area he cut the hole in so he could look around to determine where the leak was.

The Holy Spirit (Ruach) is the light that illuminates the areas of the heart that have been wounded. We NEED the guidance of the Holy Spirit for us to be able to “see” the wound.

The plumber took his hand and felt around inside the hole to feel where it was wet and dry. This would help him determine if he was going in the right direction. The wet area told him to continue heading in the same direction. The dry area indicated the moisture had not affected that particular area.

When the Holy Spirit begins to touch an area of the heart that is wounded, tears sometimes come. This is one way to know that God is working in that area of a person’s heart.


  • continue to cut away the wet areas of drywall
  • find copper pipe spraying water
  • fix leak
  • let drywall air out
  • repair ceiling

The plumber continued to cut away the areas of the ceiling following the path of wet drywall. The area the leak was found was HIDDEN in an area not yet exposed by a hole in the ceiling.

As we continue to build relationships and trust with each other, we will be able to “cut away” the areas of our heart to expose the hidden area where the pain is from.

When the plumber found the leak, in this case, the solution was a simple one. The leak was the size of a pin hole, but the water continued to spray inside the ceiling for who knows how long. The leak was small, but was not dealt with when it originally happened. No one knew the pipe burst because it was hidden behind a wall. The damage to the ceiling happened over time.

Sometimes the area we have been hurt or wronged in can seem to us to be small or insignificant. Sometimes it can be something that happens to us over time, such as abuse or addiction. If we don’t deal with these areas, they will continue to “spray inside of us” for a ling time until they begin to manifest in symptoms that seem to be unrelated to the original problem.

The plumber was able to fix the leak in the pipe with a relatively simple procedure.

The solution to our problems may not always be simple, but there is hope with the love of God and healing by Yeshua through the Holy Spirit.

The leak in the pipe is now repaired, but I still have several holes in the ceiling of the laundry room. The plumber said the wet drywall needs to air out before he can repair the holes. This takes time.

As we build relationships and trust with people and they allow us to look into the wounded areas of their heart, the Holy Spirit will reveal to us how we can help. Once the area of woundedness is exposed, we can then help repair the damage with prayer and counseling. The wound will heal, but it takes time.

I hope this blessed you!



An Understanding Heart

While reading the Torah portion Ki Tavo last week a verse jumped out at me:

Nevertheless, to this day YHVH has not given you a heart to understand, eyes to see or ears to hear! Deuteronomy 29:3(4) CJB

Moses is speaking to all Israel reminding them of the great things YHVH did while they were slaves in Egypt, yet the people still didn’t get it!

Isaiah 6:9-10 CJB He said, go and tell this people: ‘Yes, you hear, but you don’t understand. You certainly see, but you don’t get the point!’ “Make the heart of this people [sluggish with] fat, stop up their ears, and shut their eyes. Otherwise, seeing with their eyes, and hearing with their ears, then understanding with their hearts, they might repent and be healed!”

Yeshua said to the disciples in Matthew 13:13 CJB, “Here is why I speak to them in parables: they look without seeing and listen without hearing or understanding.”

And in Luke 8:9-10 CJB His talmidim asked him what this parable might mean, and he said, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the Kingdom of God; but the rest are taught in parables, so that they may look but not see, and listen but not understand.’

I know my heart is still hard in some areas. I judge people and situations too quickly. As I read the verse quoted in Isaiah above, YHVH help me to really see with my eyes, hear with my ears THEN understand with my heart so I might repent and be healed.

Give me an understanding heart. FATHER, Show me where to start. To bring peace where there is confusion, and Joy To the disillusioned, AND love from the CHRIST that lives inside of me.

Give me an understanding heart.

Show me how to do my part To set the captives free. This is my prayer to THEE Loving FATHER, please give me and understanding heart AND Father and show me I need you to show me where you want me to start.

I want to bring peace where there is confusion and YOUR joy to the disillusioned AND love from the CHRIST that lives deep deep down inside of me

Father won’t you please please please give me an understanding heart I want you to show me Just show me show me How I can do my part. I want to help you to set these captives free FATHER this is my prayer to THEE won’t you please please please give me an understanding heart.

Won’t you help me to love my brother not just Judge and condemn will you help me to always look for the CHRIST that is living inside of him Won’t you help me to control my urge to always reprimand.

And FATHER Give me Wisdom I need the Wisdom to understand.

Oh FATHER give me an understanding heart. Father I need you to Show me show me YOU show me where you want me to start I want to help bring peace where there is confusion I want to spread your joy to the disillusioned Father please please Won’t you give me an understanding heart

Its my prayer to THEE

Please please please give it to me I need an understanding heart Please please please give me Like Soloman I want you to give it to me give it to me an understanding heart

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The Heart

A beautiful song by Yoni & Nina Toyaker, also known as Yonina. The song is in Hebrew with English subtitles. Enjoy!


The heart is open
The heart is listening
The heart understands it all
The heart speaks truth
The heart is pure
And it greets everything with simplicity
And it is full of light
The walls, the walls
Are like a maze
But the voices move through them
Somehow all the fractured masks
Are one complete whole
And the heart knows how to be and feel
Without being told a thing
An honest encounter
Doors open
I enter them
And like the wind everything penetrates and reveals a hidden world
I drink from the well within
Deep below are layers upon layers
And beneath them a diamond that is never burned
Simple like the dew of love
The heart is open
The heart is listening
And it greets everything with simplicity
And it is full of light


As I began my devotional time this morning I was led to read Psalm 119. I didn’t get very far before YHVH highlighted a word:

“How happy are those who observe his instruction, who seek him wholeheartedly!” Psalm 119:2 CJB

Blessed [are] they that keep his testimonies, [and that] seek him with the whole heart.” Psalm 119:2 KJV

What does it mean to “seek him wholeheartedly” or “with the whole heart”?

As I was contemplating this I was reminded of Caleb. His name first appears in Numbers 13:6 which is the Torah portion Shlach L’kah (Numbers 13:1-15:41). Chapter 13 and 14 address the story of the 12 tribal leaders who were chosen to “spy” out the land of Canaan…a land that YHVH said he was giving the people of Israel (Nu 13:2).

Twelve leaders of Israel were in the land 40 days (vs 25) and returned with a cluster of grapes so large it had to be carried on a pole between two men (vs 23)! They also brought pomegranates and figs which they showed to the entire community. Caleb (Kalev) tried to encourage the people that they could take possession of the land and believed they could conquer it (vs 30). But ten of the leaders brought a negative report that discouraged the people and caused them to grumble against Moses & Aaron (vs 31 – 14:2).  The repercussions of this were staggering as YHVH pronounced that none of the people who left Egypt and saw His glory and treated Him with contempt would enter the Promised Land (Nu 14:20-23).

So what does this have to do with “wholehearted”?

Numbers 14:24 “But my servant Caleb/Kalev, because he had a different Spirit with him and  has fully followed me – him I will bring into the land entered, and it will belong to his descendants.”

What does the name Caleb/Kalev mean?

From “Behind the Name” (https://www.behindthename.com/bb/fact/175074)

Dog; dog-like devotion to God

Faithful could be another translation. However, if you read in the Hebrew Bible the exploits of CALEB (as in one of the twelve spies who went into Caanan Numbers 13:6 & 13:30), one will see that he wasn’t simply faithful, but that he served the God of ISRAEL with his whole heart.

From “The Way Prepared (http://www.thewayprepared.com/studies/joshua-and-caleb.html)


The Hebrew name ‘Caleb’ is an interesting one. Let’s examine several features of this name.

First, let’s notice that the name Caleb is the Hebrew Strong’s number <03612>, and is used 35 times. The number “35” in Scripture speaks of “Repentance,” and is the same as “7 x 5,” which speaks of complete preparation of the Bride. So we see that Caleb speaks of those who fully prepare themselves through repentance, and as a result will enter, together with Joshua.

Next, we see that according to the various Hebrew dictionaries and concordances, the apparent meaning of the name Caleb is “a dog.” Recently I received an email from a faithful sister in Messiah, to mention an alternate meaning, based on the Hebrew letters used in the name. It turns out that the name Caleb is actually a compound word in Hebrew, and is apparently quite common in ancient Hebrew. The name is ‘Col-Leb’ (Cof + Lamed) meaning “all or whole” — Leb (Lamed + bet) meaning “heart.” Therefore, Caleb (or Col-Lev as pronounced in Hebrew) actually means “with all the heart” or “whole-hearted.” The word for dog must therefore have originated from the word Col-Lev, and not the other way around.

If we look at the definitions for the words ‘dogged’ and ‘doggedness,’ we see this same quality that describes a dog: “stubbornly unyielding” and “persistent determination.” This ‘doggedness’ perfectly describes one who is ‘whole-hearted,’ and fits the description of the faith and determination exhibited by Caleb!

Interesting thoughts from these two articles.

My brother has a photo posted on Facebook with him and a dog that looks like she is laughing. The caption he wrote is “This isn’t even my dog and it’s sad that I trust her more than I trust most people, even though she seems to be laughing at me behind my back”.

How is it that we feel we can trust dogs more than people? Could it be they are loyal, faithful, honest, non judgmental, forgiving, etc. Where do I fail as a human being by not showing these characteristics to my fellow brothers and sisters?

YHVH spoke highly of Caleb/Kalev as one who had a different Spirit in him and fully followed YHVH.

I want to be like Caleb/Kalev. I want to follow YHVH wholeheartedly. I desire to have YHVH search the innermost parts of my heart and show me where I do NOT follow Him wholeheartedly.

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if [there be any] wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.  Psalm 139:23-24 NKJV








Here is how:

In my quiet time this morning I was writing and noticed the Scripture verse on the cover of my journal, “We love because He first loved us.” 1st John 4:19. I was prompted to begin reading in chapter one in my Complete Jewish Bible (CJB).

Like most of us, we’ve probably read through the Scriptures multiple times. I have been spending more time in the “New Testament” (Brit HaDashah) lately asking Abba to show me through “Torah” eyes where I might have applied a doctrine or principle to His Word that really doesn’t apply. A phrase jumped out at me in 1st John, “Here is how”.

When I first read this I immediately thought of the recent crochet tutorial video I had watched. “Here is how you make a bubble stitch”. In the video the instructor showed step by step how to create a raised pattern stitch.

Here is how, a term we use to teach us how to do something step by step, or so I thought.

As I read through 1st John I began to see this phrase, “Here is how” multiple times. The writer is not identified (it’s assumed it is John/Yochanan) nor the people he is writing to, yet there is something comforting in what is written that I can apply to my life. Here is how…

1 John 3:10 CJB  Here is how one can distinguish clearly between God’s children and those of the Adversary: everyone who does not continue doing what is right is not from God. Likewise, anyone who fails to keep loving his brother is not from God.” (emphasis mine)

Comment: “Anyone who fails to keep loving his brother is not from God”. Ouch…Abba show me where I have not loved my brother/sister through my words or deeds.

1 John 3:19-22 CJB  Here is how we will know that we are from the truth and will set our hearts at rest in his presenceif our hearts know something against us, God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. Dear friends, if our hearts know nothing against us, we have confidence in approaching God; then whatever we ask for, we receive from him; because we are obeying his commands and doing the things that please him.” (emphasis mine)

Comment: if our hearts know nothing against us, we have confidence in approaching God; then whatever we ask for, we receive from him“. What does it mean, “if our hearts know nothing against us”?

Psalms 26:2 CJB “Examine me, YHVH, test me, search my mind and heart.”

Psalm 139:23-24 CJB “Examine me, God, and know my heart; test me, and know my thoughts. See if there is in me any hurtful way, and lead me along the eternal way.”

I looked at this in the context of prayer. If I’ve examined my heart and have confidence in approaching God, THEN whatever I ask for, I will receive from Him. NOT just by obeying his commands and doing the things that please him.

1 John 3:24b CJB  “Here is how we know that he remains united with us: by the Spirit who he gave us.” (emphasis mine)

1 John 4:2-3a CJB  “Here is how you recognize the Spirit of Godevery spirit which acknowledges that Yeshua the Messiah came as a human being is from God, and every spirit which does not acknowledge Yeshua is not from God – in fact, this is the spirit of Anti-Messiah.” (emphasis mine)

Comment: What is the context of knowing he remains with us? By the Spirit. What is the context of recognizing the Spirit of God? Every spirit which acknowledges that Yeshua the Messiah came as a human being is from God. Seems like a simple test…

1 John 4:4-6 CJB  “You, children, are from God and have overcome the false prophets, because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. They are from the world: therefore they speak from the world’s viewpoint; and the world listens to them. We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God doesn’t listen to us. This is how we distinguish the Spirit of truth from the spirit of error.” (emphasis mine)

1 John 4:9 CJB “Here is how God showed his love among usGod sent his only Son into the world, so that through him we might have life. (emphasis mine)

1 John 4:10 CJB “Here is what love isnot that we we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the kapparah (atonement) for our sins.  (emphasis mine)

Comment: I can’t wrap my brain around this one. He loved me (us) so much that He was willing to send His only son to be the atonement for my (our) sin.

1 John 4:11-12 CJB “Beloved friends, if this is how God loved us, we likewise ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God remains united with us, and our love for him has been brought to its goal in us.”

I know in my heart, that I don’t always love my brother/sister (those who we have identified as having His Spirit) the way I should. I am so quick to find fault when someone does not see things the way I do. I use my tongue to speak negative about a brother or sister when I can clearly see they are wrong, but don’t realize speaking negative about them is wrong. Father, please forgive me and help me to change my ways.

Matthew 7:1-5 CJB “Don’t judge, so that you won’t be judged. For the way you judge others is how you will be judged – the measure with which you measure out will be used to measure to you. Whey do you see the splinter in your brother’s eye but not notice the log in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the splinter out of your eye,’ when you have the log in your own eye? You hypocrite! First, take the log out of your own eye; then you will see clearly, so that you can remove the splinter from your brother’s eye!

1 John 4:13 CJB “Here is how we know that we remain united with him and he with ushe has given to us from his own Spirit. (emphasis mine)

1 John 4:16 CJB “Also we have come to know and trust the love that God has for us. God is love; and those who remain in this love remain united with God, and God remains united with them.

Comment: Abba, help me to really know this love you have for me (us), so I can remain in this love, united with You AND display it to the world!

1 John 4:17 CJB “Here is how love has been brought to maturity with usas the Messiah is, so are we in the world. This gives us confidence for the Day of Judgment. (emphasis mine)

Comment: As the Messiah is, so are we in the world…

1 John 4:18 CJB There is no fear in love. On the contrary, love that has achieved its goal gets rid of fear, because fear has to do with punishment; the person who keeps fearing has not been brought to maturity in regard to love. (emphasis mine)

Kinda stings when I read that a person who keeps fearing has not been brought to maturity in regard to love. I admit I do not understand this kind of love, yet. Abba, teach me how to love…You…and others.

1 John 4:19-21 CJB “We ourselves love now because he loved us first. If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar. For if a person does not love his brother, whom he has seen, then he cannot love God, whom he has not seen. Yes, this is the command we have from him: whoever loves God must love his brother too.”

I don’t hate, but I know I have hurt people with my words. Abba, teach me how to love…You…and others.

1 John 5:2-4 CJB “Here is how we know that we love God’s childrenwhen we love God, we also do what he commands. For loving God means obeying his commands. Moreover, his commands are not burdensome, because everything which has God as it’s Father overcomes the world. And this is what victoriously overcomes the world: our trust.”

Comment: I’ve been on this Torah journey for over 20 years now. The verse quoted above states that when we love God, we obey His commands. For a long time obeying His commands has been the center of discussion in this Torah walk. We tend to  judge people, without love, when we see them doing things contrary to what we understand obedience to be. We malign and spew hatred on the internet and in person when someone disagrees with our perception of the truth. We break fellowship with our brothers & sisters because we disagree. We equate loving God with keeping His commands and neglect the weightier matters. We can quote the Shema & V’ahavta, Deuteronomy 6:4-8, in Hebrew, yet neglect to really hear and do what it says!

Matthew 22:36-40 CJB “Rabbi, which of the mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah is the most important?” He told him, “‘You are to love YHVH your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.’ This is the greatest and most important mitzvah (commandment). And a second is similar to it, ‘You are to love your neighbor as yourself.’ All of the Torah and the Prophets are dependent on these two mitzvot (commandments). (emphasis mine)

Keeping/obeying the Torah without love reminds me of a saying, “Rules, without relationship, equals rebellion”. The world is not going to want what we have if we continue to be unloving toward our brother (those identified above as having the same Spirit). They (those in the world) are watching us. May we be found worthy of showing them Your love when we love one another.


teach me how to love the way You do

teach me how accept those who are seeking you, right where they are at

teach me how to forgive when I have been wronged

teach me how to be humble when I have wronged someone





Day 1: Who is this for?

My daughter the writer

Bridget Vogel Gregory

Today marks the beginning of the final month of my twenties. As this milestone year approaches, I’ve sadly missed out on the bliss of my last year as a twenty-something because I already felt like I’d already begun my decent in life. It’s silly, and pretty stupid, actually. Too many people in their thirties and beyond told me that this is the start of the best years of my life. Dear Lord, I’m believing it to be so.

I looked back over the list of things I wanted to accomplish before I hit thirty. Of the 19 proclamations on my list, I managed accomplishing 2 of them…and the one I never thought would happen: getting married. After writing The Process, Not the End, I had to keep reminding myself that success is truly fleeting. My definition of personal achievement cannot be about how many countries I’d traveled to, how…

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Love covers…

My husband Tommy and I are scheduled to facilitate our Torah group’s study this week with Torah portion Acharei Mot (Leviticus 16:1-18:20). As I have been reading and pondering, something very profound stood out to me.

Leviticus 16:1

“YHVH spoke to Moses after the death of Aaron’s two sons, when they approached before YHVH, and they died.”

Nadab & Abihu tried to approach YHVH in a manner that YHVH had not commanded them.

Leviticus 10:1-2

The sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, each took his fire pan, they put fire in them and placed incense upon it; and they brought before YHVH an alien fire that He had not commanded them. A fire came forth from before YHVH and consumed them, and they died before YHVH.”

Aaron and his sons were consecrated or dedicated for the purpose of serving YHVH in the Tent of Meeting. They took it upon themselves to bring incense before YHVH at a time of their choosing, NOT as YHVH had prescribed.

The remainder of chapter 16 of Leviticus describes the Yom Kippur service, or how the High Priest is to atone for himself, his household, and the entire congregation.

Wait a minute…atone for himself, his household, and the entire congregation? I must have an improper understanding of what the word atone means here.

According to Jeff Benner of  Ancient-Hebrew.org, the Hebrew word for atonement is kaphar (To afford protection or security; to hide from sight or knowledge; to cover over as with a lid.)

The Hebrew word kaphar means “to cover over,” but is often translated as atonement. The word atonement is an abstract word and in order to understand the true Hebrew meaning of a word we must look to the concrete meaning. If an offense has been made, the one that has been offended can act as though the offense is covered over and unseen. We express this idea through the word of forgiveness. Atonement is an outward action that covers over the error.

As I was reading Leviticus 16, I also noticed the words “provide atonement”, “atoning”, and “bring atonement”. The word kaphar (atone) in it’s various forms is used 16 times in this chapter!

This week I’ve been discussing with several people how YHVH has led them to count the omer. One person shared that they are taking the numerical day (i.e. day 13), looking up what that number symbolizes, and then praying to have those things revealed (positive or negative) in their lives.

With that in mind, because I noticed the word “atone” was used 16 times in this chapter, I decided to find out what the number 16 symbolizes.

The number 16 is symbolic of …


I immediately thought of love covers.

1 Peter 4:8

“Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.”

James 5:19-20

“My brethren, if any among you turns from the truth and one turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.

Proverbs 10:12

“Hatred arouses strife, but love covers all offenses.”

So what is love? 

1 Corinthians 13:4-8a (There are 16 ways love is mentioned!)

Love is patient and kind, not jealous, not boastful, not proud, rude or selfish, not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not gloat over other people’s sins but takes its delight in the truth. Love always bears up, always trusts, always hopes, always endures. Love never ends…”

YHVH is love!

1 John 4:8

“Those who do not love, do not know YHVH, because YHVH is love.”

How do we show YHVH that we love Him?

John 14:15

“If you love me, you will keep my commands.”

John 14:21

“Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me, and the one who loves me will be loved by my Father, a I will love him and reveal myself to him.”

John 14:23-24

Yeshua answered him, ‘If someone loves me, he will keep my word; and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. Someone who doesn’t love me doesn’t keep my words – and the words you are hearing is not my own but that of the Father who sent me.’

So, what have I learned from this?

Nadab & Abihu did not show YHVH their love for Him because they did not bring an offering the way He had commanded and they died. Following His ways and keeping His commandments leads to life, not death. YHVH gave the High Priest a way to make atonement for his sins, the sins of his household, and of the congregation. Yeshua, our High Priest, entered the Most Holy Place in the heavens and made atonement for us with His own blood. The sin that should have separated us from YHVH has been covered by the blood of the Lamb.  Love covers…

I read all of the Gospel accounts while preparing for Pesach this year and noticed something interesting. John 13 mentions it was just before the festival of Pesach and Yeshua was having supper with his talmidim (disciples). One of the first things He did was wash their feet to set an example (vs15). Do you realize He washed the feet of the one He knew was going to betray Him? Love covers…

The remainder of John 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17 is dialogue that takes place at that same meal! Right after Y’judah (Judas) left the meal, Yeshua says, “I am giving you a new command: that you keep on loving each other. In the same way that I have loved you, you are to keep on loving each other.” (John 13:34)

To quote Jeff Benner again:

“If an offense has been made, the one that has been offended can act as though the offense is covered over and unseen. We express this idea through the word of forgiveness. Atonement is an outward action that covers over the error.”

I have offended YHVH by not always keeping His commandments. As the One who has been offended, He has chosen to “act as though the offense is covered over and unseen” because I have chosen to allow the blood of Yeshua to kaphar “cover” me.

Love covers…